Wednesday, December 5, 2007

*sweeps away the cobwebs*

Sorry I've let this thing collect dust, you guys. (BTW, if any of you reading this are on Livejournal and want to read about my tv-squeeing or random day-to-day crap, come friend me.)

I got my Harvest Sock Swap package in the mail! My secret pal was Jenn from D.C.

The (beautiful!) sock is a Synesthesia sock:

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in colorway Cabin Fever, and it's totally gorgeous. In this picture, the yarn is sitting on the pretty drawstring bag the project came in. It's gonna be great for carrying around sock projects!

Jenn also sent me these adorable stitch markers:

and this gorgeous tea cup and saucer:

Thanks, Jenn, for being such a fabulous secret pal!


ruthee said...

Lucky girl...niceeeee socks!

delovely said...

I'm glad you like them! That sock helped me destress while I studied for the LSAT (which, by the way, sucks).