Monday, December 31, 2007

This one's picture heavy. You've been warned.

My Christmas week was great. Matt and I flew back to Alabama to visit with our families. We were spoiled with tons of gifts. I got a lot of clothes and knitting books and a Sonic Screwdriver. Matt got Guitar Hero. He got other stuff too, but that's the one he can be found playing basically any time he's not sleeping, eating, or working.

Here's a rare picture of my sisters and me together and standing (mostly) still. From L-R it's Shelby (12), Megan (15), and me (don't wanna talk about it).

Some pictures of my Christmas knitting -

A Ribs and Ruffles scarf for my sister-in-law Liz. Made from Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpainted in Mauvelous.

A manly hat of my own simple design for my manly husband Matt. Made from manly Royal Tweed.

A Snappy Hat in periwinkle for Shelby. Made with Misti Alpaca Chunky. I made this in 3 hours!

A Snappy Hat in sage for Megan. Made with Misti Alpaca Chunky.

Randomly, this is me modeling Megan's hat and Liz's scarf.

These are the beautiful socks that my friend Olivia made for me. What an awesome Christmas surprise! They're gorgeous, and super snuggly. Thanks, Olivia!

Knitting plans for 2008? Finish my raglan cardigan and my fake-isle hat. Next up, the Tilted Duster, I think. And some socks. And a hat for me. Hat-knitting rocks. And maybe some of the awesome stuff from Felt Forward. That book rules. So. My New Years Resolution? Knit cool shit. Who's with me?


Knit Kimber Knit said...

I willl def knti some cool shit with you!!

Miss you oodles and oodles


Asalie said...

Good for people to know.