Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still alive

Hello everyone! I know, I've been completely terrible at keeping this thing updated. I always feel like I should wait 'til I have pictures, and I almost never have pictures.

Look! I finished something! That almost never happens!

This is the Feather and Fan Baby Sweater from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders, made for baby Hayden. The yarn is Dreambaby DK Multi, which is incredibly soft and even softer after washing.

The pattern was fairly simple until I got to the shoulder seams, which gave me fits. I finally 3-needled it, saving myself from a serious ulcer. I forget about the 3-needle bo sometimes, but damn if it ain't handy.

Currently I'm working on the Scrunchable Scarf, using my Candy Ass yarn. I'm also nearly finished with the Double Cap from Knitscene, made from Malabrigo left over from my raglan cardigan (which I seriously need to block and sew some buttons on one of these days... hmm...). Pics coming soon, once my camera stops being a douche.

Life is mostly uneventful right now. I still don't have a job. Honestly, I have no idea how to get one. How do you call up a company with no posted job openings and convince them that you should work there? I'm stumped.

One of the local yarn stores, Twisted, is having a big fall sale this week, which I'm having to pretend I don't know about. We just spent over $800 on vet bills for Coke, and I'll probably spend some more tomorrow. He had some stomach issues last weekend, and while getting that checked out the vet discovered some kidney stones. So we're putting him on some special food and some antibiotics and hopefully that will fix things before they cause any problems. Coke's brother Jack passed away in 2003 after repeated urinary obstructions, and I'm really hoping to avoid a repeat of that with Cola. He's my best bud!

(doing what we do best)

Hey, do any of you guys know how to make a banner? This blog's looking a bit boring.

Miss all you lovely Florida people! Have fun with the Yarn Harlot!


Corrina said...

Sending get healthy vibes for Coke.

And I can make you a banner! Me!

Jackie said...

Well kitty vibes coming your way!

We seriously miss you!

The Sweater looks fantastic! You picked the perfect yarn to go with the perfect pattern!

tinkguy said...

Cute baby sweater. Say, does your cat touch it's forehead to your forehead? My cat did that. We call it accepting me into his kitty family. Best wishes for you kitty family.

Knit Kimber Knit said...

Awww, hugs to baby Coke, feel better soon hunny!!

Miss you oodles and oodles. I miss you lots and lots.

ps, Corrina can fix your banner.


Knit Kimber Knit said...

where on earth did you get your kick ass shirt??????

Missy said...

Thanks guys! Kim, I got my Rainbow Brite shirt at Target. Of course.

Missy said...

Eric, my cat touches his nose to my mouth. It's sweet. My other cat will headbutt people when she likes them.

Anonymous said...

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